The World’s Smallest Dog Breeds you should Know

There are different breeds of a dog that can be found in various parts of the world. Some dogs were even imported from other countries. The size and price of a dog also varies. Some are small and very cute while others are big in size and is very expensive. There are also the small ones yet are also very expensive that only the rich can afford to buy. One of the smallest dog breeds in the world is Chihuahua. It has a playful and affectionate personality.

This personality makes it as a good companion at home. It’s measurement varies from 6.29-0.05 inches. Another adorable and small dog breed is the Pomeranian. It can measure up to 8.66 inches. This is a very charming dog that will surely grab anyone’s attention. Maltese too belong in this list. It can be an excellent companion because it is also very social and full of energy though it measures up to approximately 9.84 inches. The Mini Yorkie Terrier is also one of the smallest dog breeds in the world.

This is one of the best dog breed to own because of its good personality. It can measure up to 6.69 inches. And for the Pekingese, it may appear sad but it’s not. It is also a lovely dog that measures up to 5.90 to 9.84 inches. And a very popular, small and adorable dog is Shih Tzu. It’s tiny measurement is up to 10.51 inches. Dachshund, 6.69-9.84 inches; Australian Terrier, approximately 11 inches; Prague Ratter, approximately 9.05 inches; and Fox Terrier Toy, approximately up to 11.81 inches are all in this list.